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Ideas for getting your class moving

Ideas for getting your class moving

Set goals:

Get the kids excited about the Challenge by setting a new goal each week, then it can be the focus for each day to remind them what they are out to achieve, either as individuals or as a class.  e.g

  • do at least 5,000 steps each day,
  • beat their best score by 500 extra steps OR
  • do 3 blocks of 5 minutes of activity during lessons each day this week – have them come up with interesting ways of including activity into a lessons

Use the goal sheet in the booklet to develop a new target for each week OR create some funky goal sheets in class for the kids to fill out every day.

Five Minute Activity Breaks

These could be done inside or outside depending on the weather:

Chair Aerobics:  Have students pull their chairs out from their desk.  They should sit up straight, keeping their ankles together to do leg lifts by extending their legs to a 180-degree angle for 20 repetitions.  Then have students stand behind the chair and while holding the back for balance, extend their right leg out to the side to a 45-degree angle for 20 repetitions.  Then repeat with the left leg.

Take a Tour:  Lead students on an imaginary tour of a different country in a charades-like game.  You could use the destination of the leg of the Challenge you are currently on, for example, take a tour of Peru.  March to Machu Pichhu, climb the stairs to the top of the ruins, glide down into the Sacred Valley.  Use the My Course tab on the menu bar to view some information about each leg of your course to help with this idea.

Play Cards:  Using a standard card deck, assign an activity to each of the four suits (ex: jumping or running on the spot, sit-ups, squats).  Pass out a card to each student and they have to do the activity for that suit for 20 seconds.  Have students pass their cards to their neighbour and repeat for 5 passes.  Add a twist:  have students perform the activity the number of times designated on the card.

More Five Minute Activity Breaks

Animal Instincts:  Pick one student to call out an animal and have everyone mimic how that animal moves.  Go around the room until every student has an opportunity to call out an animal and the class has mimicked that animal.

Train Like a Pro:  Have students emulate various sports for 10-15 seconds each:

  • kick a field goal
  • throw a football
  • run through tires
  • swing a bat
  • serve a tennis ball
  • downhill skiing
  • spike a volleyball
  • swing a golf club
  • shoot an arrow
  • swim
  • shoot a jump shot

Stations:  Create 3 stations in different areas of the room designated by a sign depicting a different physical activity (boxing jabs, running in place, jumping on both feet, jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc).  Divide students into 3 groups and assign them to a station.  Have students perform the activity for one minute and then rotate to the next station.  To mix it up, add new types of activities or more stations.

Walk and Talk:  Break students into groups of 2 or 3, and assign a topic related to a current lesson plan that students need to discuss while taking a 5-minute walk.  They should report their discussion back to the class.

Physical Activity Jeopardy:  Tape 5-10 envelopes with one physical activity listed inside each envelope on the board in the front of the classroom. Write 10, 15, 20 and 25 on the outside of each envelope.  Call on a student to pick one of the envelopes, and the class performs the physical activity inside it for the number of repetitions listed on the front of the envelope.  Activities could include: boxing jabs, jumps, push-ups, triceps dips using their chair, arm circles, jumping jacks, elbow to opposite knee touches, etc.

Plan a regular class activity:

You don’t have to get active as a whole class all the time, but it can really boost your motivation (and progress) if you get together and take a lunchtime or after work walk or run every now and then.  If you do it at the same time every time, it is more likely to happen!

Step out some routes:

Plot your steps on regular pathways that you take during the course of your day and count the number of Steps it adds up to;

  • around the classroom;
  • around the school;
  • to the sports fields.

Have the class write them up and encourage them to tread the same path throughout their day to boost your team totals.

Count your steps in time:

It’s really refreshing for the brain and body to take a break from your chair regularly during your day.  So time a 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute “active break” and use your accelerometers to count out how many steps you do for each time period.

Here is an example:

Take a refreshing mini-break and get the team moving
1 minute break 110 steps
2 minute break 220 steps
3 minute break 330 steps
4 minute break 440 steps
5 minute break 550 steps

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