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Perth, Australia

Western Australia

Where will you visit:

You’ll start off your journey in the Valley of the Giants, 400 kms from Perth.  You will hit the boardwalk 40 metres up to make your way through the canopy of the tingle forest to experience the science, fantasy and grandeur of 400 year old trees from the lost era of Gondwana.

From the freshness of the forest to the arid, dryness of the desert, your next stop is the Pinnacles, a place on earth that feels like you are walking on the moon.  The limestone formations are within Nambung National Park and the raw materials for the stony structures came from seashells that were broken down into lime rich sands that were blown inland to form high dunes.

Next stop is Monkey Mia to swim with the bottlenose dolphins.  Located about 800 kms north of Perth, you will tread softly on the lands of the Mulgana people.

Karijini National Park is one of the largest national parks and one of the most spectacular in the State of Western Australia.  The park is famous for its sheer gorges, waterfalls and cool swimming holes.  It is abundant with flora and fauna so keep your eyes out for red kangaroo’s, rock-wallabies, echidnas, dragons, dingoes, bats and the rare pebble mouse.

Some questions you could ask about Western Australia:

  • What is an echidna?
  • What are the stony structures in Nambung National Park made from?
  • How many different types of dolphin species are there?
  • What types of dolphins do we have in New Zealand?


Some questions you could ask:

  • What are some of the things you need to be aware of when swimming in natural rivers or swimming holes? E.g depth of water if jumping in, general water safety
  • Why is water so important for our bodies? E.g our body is made up of approx 70% water how well would our brains function if they are like dried out sponges?

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