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Sports grant spend ideas

Congratulations on being one of the lucky 25 schools who has been randomly drawn to receive a Sports Grant, courtesy of AIA and Sovereign!

Over the last 6 weeks, we’ve been sending you tips on how you can get more active, plus other important tips for increasing your health and wellbeing. Hopefully you’ve been forming some new healthy habits, and you can use this money to encourage your school to keep active beyond the challenge.

We know each schools requirements vary and feel like you’re best placed to decide how best to spend the grant. Here are some ideas:

Food and nutrition.

  • Put on a healthy lunch for the whole school
  • Invest in some more healthy food options for the canteen
  • Plant some vegetable gardens or fruit trees
  • Get a children’s nutritionist in to talk to the kids

To help you be Sun Smart!

  • School-branded hats for everyone to wear at lunch time
  • Big bottles of sunscreen for each class
  • Some cool sunnies for the kids and teachers
  • Invest in some shaded areas, like some umbrellas or trees

Reducing screen time and improving sleep.

  • Set a screen time goal and go on a field trip if everyone tries their best to achieve it!
  • Have an arts and crafts class and teach the kids to make something that they could make at home!

So that 60 minutes of exercise a day can be fun!

  • New sports equipment, like some soccer balls, a netball hoop or a rugby post
  • Create a running track around the school field
  • Paint a hopscotch on the concrete
  • Have an athletics day with the whole school, and invite the parents to come and support!
  • Upgrade the school pool, sports fields or netball court

Keep up the wellbeing.

  • Buy some new paints, canvasses and pencils for the art club and get the creative juices flowing!
  • Invest in some extra training for the teachers so they can support the wellbeing of the kids and prevent any bullying
  • Brighten up the classrooms with more colour or natural light


Let us know how you plan to spend your sports grant, by leaving a reply below.

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