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Week Four – Shared stories

TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones open us up to a world of information — but too much screen time can be bad for our health. Getting enough quality sleep is important because it helps support healthy brain function and maintain physical health.

This week, we encouraged participants to halve the time they spend in front of the TV or computer this week, and share with us a picture, drawing or story about what they chose to do instead! Check out some of the stories we received:

Waiuku College


Jason from Waiuku College sent in this picture of their class spending time at the beach instead of on in front of the TV or computer!

Waiuku College

Fran H – Support Crew Challenger


I got home from work today and instead of turning on the TV or scrolling through my phone, I decided to get outside for that evening sunshine and enjoyed a walk up Mount Eden. I then came home feeling productive and ticked off a few things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It’s amazing how much extra time you can find in a day when you cut down screen time!

Fran H – Support Crew Challenger

Rangiora Borough School

Lulu Aartsen wrote a very creative story about Bees. We have been studying the importance of bees to help us stay alive and help keep us healthy.

Rangiora Borough School

Kakano 3 - Bromley School

Hi. We are a New Entrant/Y1 class at Bromley school and we have been talking about ways we go to sleep that are healthy for our My Body and Me topic this term. Gemma’s video has been inspiring for our class. We have come up with lots of good ideas. Here are 3 stories written at one of our daily writing sessions by Aria, Tu’uta and Ezmae.

Kakano 3 – Bromley School

Room 20 - Cotswold School

Less screen time more bike time! In Room 20 we have been getting out and biking around our bike track to keep healthy and fit! We did some time trials around the track and added our scores to see who the winning team was! We loved it!”

Room 20 – Cotswold School

Cotswald School

We cut down our screen time by having Brett the creator of Jump Jam come along to school to dance with all of the Year 3’s at Cotswold School.

Dani – Cotswold School

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